The information provided on this page concerns the 2017 BalloonaPalooza Edition.

Are coolers allowed?

No, coolers are not allowed. No glass, bottles or cans are allowed either. The only exception for this is for baby formula.

Can I buy tickets at the festival gate?

Yes, tickets can be purchase at festival gate.

Are backpacks or large purses allowed.

Yes, but they will be searched.  All festival attendees will go through security checkpoints prior to entering the festival park area.

Can I bring in outside food or drinks?

No, we do not allow outside food or beverages into the festival. Nursing mothers or guardian parent are allowed to bring in baby formula for their infant.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed unless it is a service animal.

Are lawn chairs allowed?

Lawn chairs and blankets can be brought into the festival and used to watch balloons launches/inflations as well as all the music acts. People with lawn chairs should be mindful of the people around and behind them. Producers are not responsible for lost chairs.

Are Tethered Hot Air Balloon rides, Carnival and Inflatable rides have a separate cost from festival tickets?

Yes, Tethered Rides, Carnival and Inflatables Rides have a separate cost from festival’s admission tickets.

Can I leave the Festival and come back that same day?

Yes, you can leave and have your hand stamped at the exit. This stamp will allow you to return without paying another admission through our security checkpoint.

Is there an additional charge to see the musical entertainment?

No all musical entertainment on the main stage is included in the Festival admission unless it is in a separate gated area.

I came to see the hot air balloons and/or light show, this was unavailable today. Can I get my admission refunded?

All tickets are non-refundable. Balloons are subject to favorable weather and wind conditions.  BalloonaPalooza Tour will do everything possible to fly balloons however balloonists and patron safety is most important and Balloons will ONLY fly weather permitting.  Festival goers are permitted to come back next day available festival day if balloons are cancelled due to weather.  All attendees must purchase and hold a ticket to attend the balloon festival.

Where is the lost & found?

During the festival the lost & found is located at the Information Booth.

When should I arrive at BalloonaPalooza?

Since the festival usually has thousands of people, arriving early is better. Traffic is moved as quickly and safely as possible.  VIP parking is included in the VIP ticket package and is located in a separate area.

Is smoking allowed at BalloonaPalooza?

There is absolutely no smoking allowed inside the BalloonaPalooza festival grounds area.  A lit cigarette could possibly ignite a balloon’s fuel tank and an ash can melt the balloon envelope. Also, pockets of propane can settle in areas around the field. This odorless gas can easily ignite.

Is the area handicap accessible?

Yes. Hard-surface handicap parking near the entrance gates is available for the regular parking fee.

Located near the Information Booths, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, strollers and wagons are available for rental on a first come first serve basis.

Is there seating available at BalloonaPalooza?

Yes, a limited number of benches, bleachers and picnic tables are available.

Is this Event Cash-Only?

While we do recommend having cash on hand during the festival, some vendors do accept credit cards.  Available ATM on site.

Are there ATMs located at BalloonaPalooza?

There are ATMs near the front entrance, the carnival area and the concession area.

Where can I purchase BalloonaPalooza Merchandise?

Merchandise may be purchased online at, or at an official BalloonaPalooza Souvenir tent.

Where can we stay?

Hotel reservations may be purchased online by visiting:

What do I wear?

Remember to wear comfortable clothing & walking shoes. High heels are not recommended as you are on grass, gravel and concrete.

Are there places to eat at BalloonaPalooza?

Yes. There are food vendors serving a variety of foods. Alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages are available throughout the festival park area.

Are the balloons on site all day?

No, balloon glows are each evening at sundown, and tethered hot air balloon rides are available each evening at approximately 6PM. All balloon inflations are subject to favorable weather and wind conditions.

Will the balloons be in flight or will they be tethered down?

Balloons are tethered down during festival hours, tethered rides will be available and Balloon Night Glow should begin each night at sundown.  Private balloon flights will take place at sunrise only.

Why aren’t the balloons visible all day?

Hot air balloons are wind and weather dependent. The calm winds necessary for balloons are only found at sunrise and for the next 2 hours and the two to four hours before sunset. All balloon glows and launches are subject to weather conditions.

Can I ride in a hot air balloon?

Yes, tethered rides are available at an additional fee each day weather permitting. Rides are on a first-come, first serve basis and can be cancelled without notice and may be curtailed by the pilot for safety reasons at any time. There are two tethered balloon rides available.  It rises up allowing you to take pictures and then comes back down.

Where are the tethered rides located?

Tether rides are on the balloon field.

How long is a tethered ride?

3 to 5 minutes (much like the carnival rides).

How high does the tethered balloon go up?

Tethered ride can be anywhere between 30-40 ft depending on the winds.  The pilot will make that decision at the time of the tether.

Can I buy tethered rides at the festival?

Yes, tethered rides can be purchase at the balloon park.  We recommend purchasing tether rides online as they guarantee you express-pass to avoid long lines.

How much does a tethered balloon ride cost?

Express-pass Tether ride $25 per adult, $15 for children. Children 12 years and under need an adult to be with them.

Can toddlers ride balloon tethered rides?

Yes, children 12 years and under need an adult to be with them.

Can I walk onto the balloon field to see a balloon up close and talk to pilots?

Yes, with conditions. The field may be open to spectators depending on safety factors.  Weather and balloon activities will dictate and the announcer will notify the spectators when the field is open.

Are schedule times guaranteed ?

BalloonaPalooza plans to keep on schedule, as long as wind/weather is favorable to continue the show as announced. If weather doesn’t work with us we will have to make new plans for attendees safety.

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